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lecnarbDirector Of Defense

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PostSubject: HELP!!!   HELP!!! Icon_minitimeSat Jun 08, 2013 6:52 pm

Not sure where I'm supposed to post this, but before I start trolling the trading circles, I thought it better to appeal to my alliance first. The issue: I need, desperately, a RELIABLE, STABLE, LONG TERM trading who has marble/aluminum for my oil uranium. The aluminum/marble puzzle piece is a keystone position, so I need a real gamer who can commit to stability... jesus, I sound like a chick.. Anyway, if anyone knows ANYONE who has marble and aluminum and could find oil/uranium useful, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put them in contact with me. naturally, I'll pay a small finders fee to the ruler who finds a suitable candidate.

I appeal to you all!

Lecnarb The Mad

p.s... no, I am NOT a chick...
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Emperor Wilbers

Emperor WilbersMember

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PostSubject: Re: HELP!!!   HELP!!! Icon_minitimeSat Jun 08, 2013 7:59 pm

ill keep a sharp eye out for 'em. Smile
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